Scorpion II® TL-3 Trailer Attenuator

MASH Tested, Passed and Eligible

  • The FIRST and ONLY Trailer Attenuator eligible for MASH, TL-3.
  • FHWA Eligibility Letter, CC-138.
  • Infinite weight tested and eligible allows the Scorpion II® Trailer to be used on heavy host vehicles (minimum 12,000 lbs.), with no upper weight limit.
  • Scorpion II® remained attached to the host vehicle and pintle hook during all impact testing.
  • Telescoping Anti-Rotational System (TARS) minimizes Scorpion II Trailer rotation during angled and offset impacts, preventing trailer separation from host vehicle.
  • No additional hardware required for connection to host vehicle.
  • The Scorpion II® proven modular design crushes in progressive stages allowing quick and economical replacement of damaged parts.
  • LED Lights standard on all Scorpion II® Trailer Attenuators.
  • The unique curved design gives full width protection to the back of the host vehicle and shields the deadly "coffin corners" of the truck.
  • Rear axle placement improves trailer stability and prevents the tail from "bottoming out" on driveways and uneven surfaces.
  • MASH tested and eligible with optional display panel, which can be easily attached to Scorpion II® Trailer Attenuator.


The Trailer Attenuator (TA) is a mobile crash cushion designed with a trailer tongue and axle/wheel that connects directly to the support vehicle's trailer connection and from a lunette eye on the attenuator. The TA can be used on support vehicles with a minimum actual/ curb weight of 12,000 lbs with no upper weight limit (infinite weight). The TA has overall dimensions of 17.8 ft (5.4 m) x 8 ft (2.4 m) x 1).3 ft (1.3 m) with ground clearance of 12.0 in ± 1.0 in (305 mm±25 mm). The TA consists of three main components: the trailer tongue, front Strut, and rear Cartridge. The trailer tongue is positioned nearest to the support vehicle, the Strut is bolted to the tongue and Cartridge. The Cartridge is the rear most component, furthest away from the support vehicle. The trailer tongue acts as a standard single point connection under normal towing conditions. The trailer tongue is designed with an integral Telescoping Anti-Rotation System (TARS) that is activated when the TA is impacted. The forward sliding action occurs during an impact, upon completion of the full telescoping action the outboard anti-rotation supports come into contact with support vehicle frame plate which in turn prevents angular rotation about the rear of the host vehicle. The Strut consists of four outboard convex aluminum tubes forming an aluminum structural weldment. The aluminum structural weldments bolt directly to the TARS tongue and the rear Cartridge. The structural assembly encompasses the aluminum crush Module D. The Cartridge consists of four outboard convex aluminum tubes forming an aluminum structural weldment. The aluminum structural weldments bolt directly the Struts steel angles and rear trailer diaphragm. The TA uses a Cartridge Trailer Diaphragm with an axle/wheel attachment for towing the TA. The structural assembly encompasses the two-aluminum crush Module C's. Attached to the rear most end of the Cartridge is the single crush Module A.